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Register for the 2018 HIIT and Run/Running 201


HIIT and Run/Running 201 is new for 2018!  You can expect the same training structure as we've had in the past with Running 201... it just has an added benefit -- HIIT training! HIIT, or "High Intensity Interval Training" is a great way to add some speed and intensity to your regular running routine. A re-design of our previous Running 201, it is offered as a follow-up to Running 101(™), though you need not have participated in a 101 program to register. It is designed for a runner with an existing run volume base seeking to improve his/her performance at the 5K/10K distances and/or build the endurance to move to a longer event.  If you can run 9:00 for a mile or faster, OR you can run 5 miles without stopping at a slower pace, HIIT and Run/Running 201 is perfect for you!  Current participants have run 5Ks between 18:00 and 32:00 and/or completed a longer distance event with minimal walking. Running 201 is offered in multiple sessions from early-spring through fall.


The standard program meets for two one-hour sessions (or slightly longer) each week. A typical session may focus on endurance, improving speed through intervals targeting different running forms and training zones/energy systems, and running technique. In addition, we'll use some basic circuits, drills, and core work to supplement the run portion of the training. All exercises are designed to strengthen and support your running muscles.  

When you complete HIIT and Run/Running 201, choose to repeat it again -- because runners' ability and training levels vary, there is always room to improve.

The 2018 program cost for a new participant in HIIT and Run/Running 201 is $145 for an 8-week session.  Returning participant cost (for returners from any previous PR Training program) is $115 for the 8-week session.   This cost includes up to 16 weekday coached group sessions (we understand you may not be able to attend them all, but encourage all participants to commit to attending at least one session/week on average.) For the first spring session, all participants also receive a commemorative program shirt, and are eligible for other giveaways. 


In 2018, HIIT and Run/Running 201 will be offered in the evenings (from 6:30-7:30 PM) at multiple locations, including Arlington, Ashburn, Burke, DC and Reston. Additional sites may be added. Session dates are subject to change. 

HIIT and Run/Running 201 Early Spring 2018 Session Dates/Sites

2018 Early Spring Sessions begin the week of March 19. Planned locations/days for the Early Spring session are described below.  All sessions meet at 6:30 PM except as otherwise noted.

HIIT and Run/Running 201 ARLINGTON: Meets M/W, 3/19-5/9 from 6:30-7:30 PM at =PR= Arlington and/or W-L HS/local parks. Coaches communicate venue changes.

HIIT and Run/Running 201 ASHBURN: Meets T/Th, 3/20-5/10 from 6:30-7:30 PM at Trailside Park/Trailside MS in Ashburn, with occasional field trips to Riverside HS and elsewhere. Coaches communicate venue changes.

HIIT and Run/Running 201 BURKE: Meets T/Th, 3/20-5/10 from 6:30-7:30 PM at =PR= Burke one evening and Robinson HS track the other (pending HS field use). Coaches communicate venue changes.

HIIT and Run DC/Running 201 (City Center/Tenleytown): Meets T/Th. 3/20-5/10  at 6:30-7:30 PM at =PR= DC at 919 F ST on Tuesday evenings and Wilson HS track (Tenleytown) Thursday evenings (pending HS field use.)  Coaches communicate venue changes.

HIIT and Run RESTON/Running 201: Meets M/W, 3/19-5/9, from 6:30-7:30 PM at =PR= Reston in Reston Town Center. Parking at Reston Town Center is FREE after 5 PM, so thereis no impact on the training session. Coaches communicate venue changes.  

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