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The 50 Minute Conditioning Program is designed for runners of all levels who are looking for a group atmosphere and a coach's guidance as they work on their running mechanics, technique, and overall body conditioning to support their running.


Whether you're a new runner, a previous Running 101 or 201 participant, or you are more competitive and/or excel at the longer distances, this program will give you some structure and motivation while helping you focus on the aspects of your running that sometimes get ignored.  Coaches will challenge the most experienced runners , but novices also can get started running right by taking this class.

A typical session may include drills; plyometrics; improving speed through a focus on proper form; improving overall strength and conditioning through exercises targeted to improve your running, and more. When you complete 50 Minute Conditioning Program, you'll have taken steps to improve your form and lessen your risk of injury. You will be ready to begin a spring Running 101 or 201 program, or prepare for a longer event.


The program is offered concurrently with the =PR= Youth Track program, enabling interested parents to participate while their child is getting his/her own activity.  It’s not limited to Youth Track parents though! The class spans 6 weeks, and meets weekly for 45-50 minutes on Sundays from 5:10-5:55 PM.

The 2017 program cost is $70. There is no returning participant discount for this new, subsidized program. This cost includes a program shirt and other giveaways.

Reston Location: Meeting at South Lakes HS from 5:05-5:55 PM

This event is closed.