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Register for the Youth Track - Fall 2017 Session


Introduce your younger child to Track & Field and/or help your older child improve his/her event specific skills.  This low-key, fun program includes sprinting and distance running, jumping, and more.  Athletes will learn a routine of proper warmup, drills, and stretching, and be exposed to some of the more specific, technical aspects of certain events (starts, form, etc.)

The program is offered in the Spring and Fall. During summer, we sometimes offer shorter sessions, but unfortunately there will be NO 2017 SUMMER SESSION due to track resurfacing at SLHS. Sessions are typically 8 weeks. Youth Track is appropriate for youth from ages 4-13, as well as high school athletes seeking additional help in the off-season/over the summer. The program includes regular harder bouts and time trial efforts. Though we are unable to consistently offer the "mock meet" we've had at times in the past due to space/time constraints at SLHS, smaller timed efforts will be included throughout the program when appropriate and a meet will happen if possible. If your child is 9 or over and seeks a more competitive opportunity, during the spring months, consider the Youth Track TEAM, described below. During the fall, more these athletes should participate in the regular Youth Track Program and will be challenged as needed.


Intro to Track & Field/Youth Track Program

The program meets SUNDAYS at South Lakes High School in Reston. In the future, we may add locations, but the coaching/volunteer demands for a youth program are such that we are limited to Reston for the moment.

Participants are encouraged to attend weekly, but we understand that school events, vacations, other sports, and family commitments may mean participants cannot always attend every session. The program is designed with this fact in mind -- your child's experience will NOT be compromised if you cannot attend every week. Older participants can also ask coaches for guidance on what to do on their own during the week.

Practices also enable athletes to test their progress with some timed efforts. Coaches may suggest further competitive opportunities for more experienced athletes and/or those seeking a more official timed competition.

The $70 program cost for Fall session includes a program t-shirt and 8 weeks (or as many as you can attend) of coached sessions.  Active participants also receive special promotions at Potomac River Running Store.

=PR= Youth Track Team

For older runners (age 9-17) seeking a more serious training regimen and racing opportunities, the Youth Track Team is a SPRING program which follows the track season. Team members receive longer traininng sessions and  also attend 2-3 local meets, for which registration is included in the $175 team fee. The session culminates in USATF champs/Junior Olympics/AAU champs.

The Team program sessions will initially last roughly 60 minutes to allow participants to adjust to the winter weather and gradually build skills. Starting in March the Team practice will begin at 4 PM (30 minutes prior to the regular Youth Track Program) and last 90 minutes. The Team program includes more event specific coaching as well as some advice on training routines for other days of the week. We anticipate the initial group will be fairly small, enabling more athlete-specific attention than the standard Youth Track program.

The Team is only offered in the spring, following the outdoor track season. There is not a summer/fall youth team program -- athletes interested in continued progression should participate in the regular Youth track program -- coaches will challenge them appropriately.  Details on the 2018 Team program will be posted when available.


Due to construction delays at the SLHS track, the the 2017 Fall Session will now be held from September 24, 2017 - November 12, 2017 from 5-6 PM at South Lakes HS.  (Time may change slightly pending track use limitations.) The lights will be on when it starts getting darker.

While we plan to engage as many coaches and volunteers as necessary to accommodate interest, the program MAY fill, so early registration is encouraged.  Assuming the program is not full, we WILL continue to accept participants throughout the program's duration and welcome late joiners -- but, there is no pro-rating of the $70 fee (which has already been subsidized due to the youth focus of this program.)

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